System Monitoring Package

What is Monitoring?

Monitoring system is no easy task, which is why many people do not monitor their infrastructure using modern or established tools. Instead they simply hope & pray that the system will continue to function as it did 2 months ago. As hardware devices gets older and older, they are prone to hardware & software failure over time. In such scenario’s a system warning can go unnoticed for months until the last moment the server fails or the software crashes. Hard-drives can fill up with logs and freeze the whole system for days. In such scenarios, a company that relies on the website for their e-commerce can suffer for many days until someone is courteous enough to make a phone-call and complain.

Nagios Monitoring

Nagios Monitoring

By implementing the most used and popular monitoring solutions such as Nagios, we’re able to deliver high precision checks for any system. The only requirement is a TCP connection to the website (for basic monitoring), or SSH connection to the server for in-depth system-monitoring (CPU, hard-drive, memory, folder size, swap, system alerts, website performance, payment gateways, database connectivity/performance, business logic execution and validation, REST, JSON etc etc).

Thousands of Plugins

The only leading monitoring technology that everyone trusts to be the undisputed champion in plugins. They are even trusted by the competition as the leader for monitoring plugins. From dell network device & wifi monitoring to IOT devices, there is never a shortage for plugins.

Nagios Plugins

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