Log File Management (eBook)

After spending several years researching and implementing Logstash, Elasticsearch, Kibana solutions for companies, I decided to finally pen down the implementation steps for a ELK stack. Today the ELK stack has been officially renamed to the Elastic Stack due to the increasing number of opensource software that compliments the ELK stack. At the hearts of the stack, Elasticsearch remains the foundations, while Filebeat, Logstash, Kibana, Metricbeat, API agents (and many others) surround the Elasticsearch.

This is my first Log file management eBook publication which I created for anyone interested in data science with Elastic Stack. This eBook focuses on Filebeat, Elasticsearch, and Kibana visualization techniques. Its FREE to download and use.

As the industry moves from the shotgun approach of marketing towards a highly social and targeted marketing, data science is becoming mainstream in the industry. More and more developers are turning towards data science while abandoning their programing techniques and skills. Data science is now a much sought after skills among larger commercial companies. This books starts you off on the right footing and prepares you to dive deeper into data science.

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